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Art of "Sencha" 煎茶具名品展
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Art of "Sencha" 煎茶具名品展

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Author/Editor: Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher: Seikado Bunko Art Museum
Published Year: 1998
Contents: 18.5X26/JPE./151P/128 color plates

During the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the mainstream of tea serving is to use roller grind the tea into the cup, stir tea using tea bamboo brush, this method named as "DianCha Fa" (點茶法). After flow into Japan, it initiate the development of "MoCha ChaDao"(抹茶茶道)
Ming and Qing Dynasties substitute tea cake by tea leave, having varieties of tea serving tools, such as ceramic teapots, Yixing teapots, Gaiwan, fair tea cup, tasting tea becomes a necessity for literati romantic ocassion, four treasures, painting, calligraphy, poems and those tea serving tools complement each other. In Japan, during the Meiji, Taisho era, such literati tea becomes the mainstream of Art of "Sencha" (煎茶道).
This book contains 129 group Seikado collection of brewing tea, majority are
high quality items flow into Japan since the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

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